Boere Rhino Mafia responsible for a spate of Rhino Poaching caught

Some of you may have heard of the Van Deventer brothers, otherwise known as the Boere Rhino Mafia. They’re responsible for a LOT of the rhino poaching that happens in this country.

An article from 2014 spoke about safari operators using rophy hunting as a front for running poaching and Rhino horn traffic to Vietnam.

“The first of South Africa‚Äôs rhino horn trafficking rings to make international headlines was referred to as the Boere Rhino Mafia”

“the van Deventer brothers admitted to killing calves as well as adult rhinos. They received jail sentences after confessing to shooting 19 white rhinos. They used a variety of weapons borrowed from fellow hunters and illegally loaned from gun shops.”

Although the two were arrested in 2006, recently some sources have said that they appeared in caught recently, related to more recent poaching offences