Different take on Durban beachfront over December

The crowded Durban beachfront has been a sensitive topic for racist comments over the last month.

From Penny Sparrow to Philip Roodt we’ve seen lots of unsavoury comments.

Wait! Before you comment on how we’re bringing up old news and trying to set off tensions, that isn’t the point of this post.

The good news is that with the advent of 2017, South Africans have decided enough is enough and called out news sites for inflaming racial tensions with these types of posts.

With that in mind here is a different take on the Durban Beachfront, from the perspective of Photographer Jonathan Wood. (Taken from SA People)

“The sheer volume of people on the beach was overwhelming from a distance… but an incredibly different story amongst the crowds, showing me that most of the irresponsible comments were made from observations at a distance and lined with fear of black South Africans in large numbers.

Those people Philip Roodt claimed he would like to see drown one by one were mostly children and families enjoying a day at the beach… without the luxuries of spending multiple days on holiday and exploring the serenity of an uncrowded beach.

Durban city handled the day with the utmost professionalism, only allowing cars with permits to enter roads on the beach front and by having adequate life guards, security and emergency services available.

Public drinking was not allowed and tents were erected every few hundred meters for children who had become separated from their families. Children were given wrist bands where parents contact details were written.

As you could expect in any large crowds the day was full of excitement bizarre characters and the minority of trouble causers who were efficiently dealt with by police and security.”