WATCH: Make America Lekker Again
January 26, 2017

This hilarious video is a voice over of Donald Trump’s inauguration, featuring appearances from Hillary Clinton singing Jan Pierewiet in her head and a bunch of crying supports. It’s pretty funny. Enjoy!

25 Photos That Went Viral In 2016

We have put together a collection of 25 amazing photos that went viral in 2016 online. The first image is by far my #1 in the collection. What do you think?

WATCH: Why you should never go skinny dipping!
January 14, 2017

This guy thought it’d be fun to go skinny dipping, or maybe he was dared by his friends. Whatever the reason he’s regretting it now. This guy ended up accidentally fishing after umm… dropping his line.

WATCH: Suzelle DIY Beach Hacks
December 13, 2016

Suzelle DIY is back again with her new web series Suzelle’s TIps and Tricks for the Beach, to show you the best way to ‘hack’ your holiday, with a number of simple tips and tricks for you to use over … Continue reading

24 Brilliant Afrikaans Idioms
December 8, 2016

These are by far the best Afrikaans idioms that many South Africans will appreciate. Nou nou, meaning ‘now now’ in English is one of the most common phrases you will hear in South Africa. It basically means in a little … Continue reading