Incompetent government lawyers waste up to R350 million in lost cases

stop wasting money

Information has been released stating that incompetent South African government lawyers have cost the taxpayer up to R350 million in lost cases.

The state apparently loses as many as 70% of all its legal cases.

Below is a breakdown of some of the known expenses of lost cases:

  • The Department of Health indicated that it cost a total R20.5 million on cases settled over two financial years,

  • The Department of International Relations and Cooperation paid R928,442 for briefs provided to counsel over three financial years.

  • South African Police Service: Litigation and Administration spent R5.9 million for cases related to recovery of debt.

  • A total amount of R323.8 million was spent by SAPS: Gauteng for cases that were decided against the department over the three financial years.