Kenya has a faster internet speed than South Africa

Akamai, the American content delivery network and cloud services provider, has released its third quarter of 2016 ‘State of the Internet’ report. It shows how terribly bad South Africa’s ranking is compared to other countries.

With many more African countries now being included in the report, we can now see Africa’s ranking against other countries.

SA has an average broadband speed of 6.0 mbps according to the report, with Kenya recording an average broadband speed of 11.0 Mbps.

Kenya placed in the 43rd spot, while South Africa was 80th.

The average connection speed in the world is 32.5 mbps with Singapore topping the log at 135.7 mbps, followed by Hong Kong (105.2 mbps) and South Korea (95.3 mbps).

Source: SAPromo