WATCH: This is the funniest Kulula safety demonstration ever!!! (video)

Adrian Thomas is a former flight attendant who is the man responsible for this hilarious video.

The video is originally from 2013 but has suddenly become extremely popular online.

Adrian Thomas seems to have garnered quite the fan base as these comments show:

Vanessa Naidoo commented: “A talented comedian since our school days Adrian Thomas 🙂 therewas neva a dull moment during lessons.”

Elizabeth Francis van Eck added: “Ja well no fine. We have lift off. Up up and away. What a way to fly. You go Adrian Thomas at its best.”

Aziza Bassa said: “Adrian Thomas we miss u man! Come back to this”

Emily T. Fernandez said: “Kulula has the best inflight announcements. 😂 The one time we landed in Cape Town they said ‘Welcome to Mauritius’!”

Joulan Pillay stated: “LOL… on the one flight the pilot sang “Hallelujah ” for us when we landed because of the bad turbulence!”