Mall Guard gets shot in a parking disagreement

A security guard at the Diamond Pavilion Mall, was shot in the leg, allegedly by a Fidelity Security guard who was at the mall to restock one of the ATMs in the parking area. Picture: Danie van der Lith

A security guard at Diamond Pavilion mall was shot in the leg by a Fidelity Security guard (allegedly). The Fidelity guard was at the mall to restock an ATM.

the wounded security guard, Itumeleng Melato, says he approached the driver of the Armoured vehicle to ask him to move the vehicle, because it was parked where it shouldn’t be. After the driver refused he went to go write down the vehicle’s registration which resulted in another armed guard assaulting him.

“I tried to reason with him but the guy was very stubborn and just would not listen. He just kept shouting and punching me while the driver sat in the car and did nothing.

The armed guard then shot him in the leg with an R4 rifle

Melato admitted that he was grateful to be alive but remained in a lot of pain and demanded that his assailant be severely dealt with.

Criminal charges have been opened against the cash-in-transit officer and every measure would be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.