SA bird watchers escape from an ambush that might have killed them

Richard Everett had a near death experience during a recent visit Mozambique.

A Forest Hills man and his friends were on their annual birdwatching trip in Mozambique when they were ambushed by men with AK-47’s who fired at their vehicles.

A recent increase in hijackings and armed robberies in areas near the Swaziland and Mozambique borders, has meant an increase in South African army and police personnel in these areas, however this didn;t apply in Mozambique.

Seated at the back of the second vehicle, Everett, a former national serviceman, instinctively shouted: “Get down, get down”, when he heard the sound of gunfire.

There were three vehicles and luckily there were only minor injuries.

The group got permission from the army to follow a railway track back to the lodge.

“But we won’t go back there until we are given the assurance that it is completely safe,” he said.