You have to see what this elephant does after it gets shot by poachers

Ben is a bull elephant, thought to be about 30 years old, and he’s proof that elephants are really very intelligent creatures. Ben surprised everyone with what he did after he was shot by poachers.

Ben was seen limping into the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge in Kariba, Zimbabwe by the staff and manager Nick Milne, and was obviously injured.

Unfortunately for Ben the in-house vet had left for the weekend so they were unable to tell the full extent of his injuries, let alone treat them. However, once the lodge had put the word out, another vet offered to fly the 320km from the capital to help Ben. During which, the elephant made sure to stay close to the lodge buildings.

When the vet arrived and managed to get a look at Ben he saw a large wound in Ben’s shoulder as well as two bullet holes in his shoulder – injuries thought to be from poachers. Ben’s wounds were sterilised and a tracking collar was attached to Ben, and he was released back into the wild. He has since made a full recovery.

Source: GoodThingsGuy