South African police officer uses sirens to buy KFC! (video)

Now this is an interesting video clip allegedly showing a South African police officer using his sirens to assist him in buying KFC.

This incident took place in Parys in the Free State on the 24th of December 2016.

This is what apparently happened:

“I saw a vehicle driving past the spur at normal speed with the siren and flicking lights on. I indicated to turn right and waited for vehicles to pass from the front. After a while several vehicles past the Toyota Police vehicle and the driver then turned right into a side street, still with the sirens and flicking lights. We followed the sound and after a short while the vehicle came down into the shopping centre right in front of Spur and turned into a parking space in front of KFC and parked. The passenger, seems to be a W/O got out the vehicle and walked into the KFC and stood in the row to buy some food. After approx 20 to 30 minutes he came out and the driver started the vehicle and left the parking lot again with siren and flicking lights on, obviously to irritate us and to show they can do what they like.”