Stop blaming your failed service delivery on apartheid says Malema

Julius Malema has come out saying that the ANC must stop blaming apartheid’s legacy for failing to deliver basic services. Malema was speaking in the Free State at an EFF election rally.

“There is no white man who brought poor service delivery to the people; it’s the ANC and they keep blaming the apartheid legacy even after 22 years of being in leadership,” he said.

“White people don’t compromise their standard of living and they have access to everything, but the ANC keeps violating the rights of black people by depriving them of access to electricity, water, and sanitation.

“Even the RDP houses don’t have proper planning… You deserve better than what the corrupt ANC government is offering,” Malema said.

With the local government elections just around the corner, all political parties are pulling out all the stops.